Feedback Policy

Providing feedback is an integral part of the buy and sell process. Providing genuine comments will benefit all users' experience. Inappropriate feedback however will not be tolerated. If inappropriate feedback is left on posts, The West Classifieds will take the necessary actions to remove it, which could also lead to the cancellation of your account. The following list outlines inappropriate feedback.

  • Any adult material
  • Any racist language
  • Swearing, disrespectful, explicit, or discourteous language
  • Comments that do not relate to the transaction including; comments of a political or religious nature, comments that relate to an entirely different transaction, using the comment section as a tool to deliver personal social beliefs
  • Revealing personal information other than that already listed such as phone number, address, email or name about another person.
  • Links or scripts
  • For additional information about the use of this site please refer to the Help section

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