Deceased Estate Lulia Awdry Taylor

TRUSTEES ACT 1962 Deceased Estates

Notice to Creditors and Claimants

Estate of the late Julia Awdry Taylor of Bethel Aged Care Hostel, 2 Bethel Way, Albany, Western Australia, deceased.

Creditors and other persons having claims (to which section 63 of the Trustees Act 1962 relates), in respect of the estate of the deceased, who died on 28 October 2021 are requested by the Executor, Murray Thornhill care of HHG Legal Group, PO Box 2716, Cloisters Square PO 6850 WA to send particulars of their claims to the address stated herein within 30 days of this notice, after which date the personal representatives may convey or distribute the assets having regard only to the claims of which they then have notice.

Published 23rd Jun, 2022
ID: 4632747

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